Costa Rica

No matter what adventure you crave, you’ll find it in Costa Rica — both topside and underwater. Try speeding through the rainforest canopy on a zip line or scuba diving with bull sharks. Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea in the heart of Central America, Costa Rica is a prime ecotourism destination and boasts some of the world’s most biologically diverse habitats – including rainforest, volcano and mangrove ecosystems. The world’s first ‘carbon neutral’ nation.

The Nature

Visitors to Costa Rica can easily experience the country’s diverse climate and abundant natural beauty. From the cloud forest to the rain forest, Costa Rica is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, and nature tours allow visitors to experience the diversity this tropical climate has to offer.


Costa Rica’s peaceful settings offer wonderful opportunities to relax and recharge your body and mind. If you want to enjoy the country’s natural beauty at a leisurely pace, there are easy ways to explore the country’s beautiful beaches, tropical forests, and volcanic hot springs.


Learning and Traveling

An educational tour in Costa Rica gives visitors the opportunity to learn about everything from the country’s natural diversity to its commitment to a peaceful, sustainable way of life for residents and visitors alike.

Learn Spanish, AgroTourism, Surf Lessons, Turtle Nesting & More.

Cerro Chirripo

Nestled along the heart of the Talamanca Mountain Range in the south central portion of Costa Rica, Chirripo National Park (Parque Nacional Chirripo) consists of 123,923 acres (50,150 ha) and provides one of the best opportunities to test your hiking abilities. Trails throughout the park take you as high as you want to go, ultimately reaching the highest peak in the country and second highest in Central America. The ascent to Cerro Chirripo at 12,532 ft (3,820 m) is definitely a test of endurance and a favorite among avid nature enthusiasts.

One day Tours

Multi-day tours give visitors a chance to explore Costa Rica’s natural beauty and culture based on specific interests. They also offer full immersion into several different environments and encompass multiple activities.



Tortuguero, One of Costa Rica's most popular ecotourism destinations, the canals, rivers, beaches and lagoons of Tortuguero National Park are a study of Rainforest, freshwater and marine biology. The park and small town of Tortuguero are accessible by boat or small aircraft. When people think of Rainforest, the first thing that automatically comes to their minds is Tortuguero.



Ecologically varied, the Corcovado National Park is among the most biologically intense places on earth. Located on the wild and untamed Osa Peninsula, this national park is breathtakingly beautiful and is one of the remotest parks in the country. Home to the largest and only tropical primary lowland rainforest in the world, the Corcovado National Park is also the habitat of a plethora of endangered plant and animal species.


Positioned within Costa Rica’s fertile northern lowlands, the Arenal Volcano is an unavoidable presence while traveling within this part of the country. It is tall and imposing and has a reputation that precedes itself. Arenal’s perfectly symmetrical shape makes it a sightseer’s dream, while its abundance of outdoor activities makes it an easy place to check things off your “must-do in Costa Rica” list.

Adventure Tours

Costa Rica is a playground for the adventurous. From rappelling down waterfall canyons to crossing the jungle on a zip line, the possibilities for exploration are abundant.

Rafting, Zip Lines, Horseback, Kayaking, Surf Lessons, Rappelling & More.

Travel Info

Language – Spanish is the official language, although English is commonly spoken.

Currency – Costa Rican Colon. Credit cards are widely accepted.

Major Airports – There are two international airports in Costa Rica - Juan Santamaría International Airport in Alajuela and Daniel Oduber International Airport in Guanacaste.

Electricity and Internet – Electricity is 110 volts, 60 Hz. Internet is widely available.

Topside Attractions – Canopy tours are the ideal way to get a bird’s-eye view of the forest. With so many volcanoes, Costa Rica has exquisite hot spring experiences. Check out more than 50 famous surf spots or go whitewater rafting.

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