Costa Rica Horseback Riding

Horseback tours allow travelers to experience several spectacular places within the course of a few hours or a few days. Imagine riding through a misty rainforest before gearing up for a river rafting adventure, or perhaps crossing creeks and streams before soaking away the afternoon in geothermal hot springs. Horseback rides can take you to one place or ten, all the while making the journey one of the most memorable parts of the adventure.

Our Tours

With trips ranging from 2.5 hours all the way up to 8 days, we offer the widest variety of horse tours. Our commitment to safety starts with the quality and care of our horses and includes fully insuring our rides and ensuring every rider has a helmet that fits their head and a horse that fits their skill level. We can accommodate riders as young as 6 and as old as 100 and we provide mounts appropriate for beginners and more experienced riders.

Horses and Humans

Costa Rica has been forged by horses. Horses are not just a part of our past, as in most countries; horses still hold a place of honor in our society. The use we give them may have changed in the last decades but the admiration and reverence for these fine creatures still remains in our thoughts and hearts. In Costa Rica, horses and humans continue to create a lot of history together.

The Special ingredients

It is way more than great horseback riding. It's about proud, fine, well trained animals. It is about having a small country blessed with one of the most diverse, natural and pristine territories in the world as our backyard -- to play around riding our horses. It is about experiencing the freedom, sincerity and friendliness of our people that has made Costa Rica a peaceful retreat from a turbulent world. There may be a few other places left on our planet with these unique ingredients, but we know of only one - Costa Rica.

Costa Rica's 8 Days Horse Ride, EL CAMPESINO

For the horse lover our Experts offers a full 8 day, 7 night horseback riding vacation tour. With full six days on horseback experiencing the back country and equestrian culture of Costa Rica. Covering diverse regions and aspects of Costa Rican horse culture, the trip spans Monteverde, Guanacaste and Arenal. Trekkers will see cloud forest, waterfalls, nature reserves, working farms and ranches, wildlife habitats, volcanoes, hot springs and lakes. There’s something for everyone!

Design your Own Trek

Looking for something special? Let our team work with you to design the perfect horseback riding escape for you and your party.

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