Learning Spanish at Conversa

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

Study Spanish with us on our beautiful campus in Santa Ana, Costa Rica. We offer Intensive and Super-Intensive programs year round.

Conversa has been helping students learn Spanish in Costa Rica since 1975. At Conversa we offer only the highest quality Spanish programs by addressing all aspects of our students' experience in Costa Rica. Our goal is to provide you with all the tools you need while immersing you in the Spanish-speaking culture.

How We Teach Spanish at Conversa

Conversa's Spanish training methodology relies on the philosophy that regardless of your age or proficiency level in spoken Spanish, you can make dramatic progress if provided with the following:


1. An experienced instructional staff

2. A highly practical and personalized approach to teaching Spanish

3. A comfortable and well-equipped learning environment

4. Online Spanish Programs

We call our methodology for teaching Spanish Constant Contact. The idea is to put you in contact with Spanish right from the start, and to keep you in touch with the language at all times, morning, noon and night.

Online Spanish Programs:

Learn Spanish from the comfort of your home, office or on the move. We provide live, one-on-one, personalized language training programs for students of all levels.


Conversa offers live one-on-one Spanish courses online using video teleconferencing software. If you're not able to travel to Latin America, you can still learn Spanish from the comfort of your home or office. This approach to teaching Spanish integrates live instruction with a valuable Spanish Resource Portal called "ConversaConmigo".


Conversa's students can opt to stay on campus, with a Costa Rican host family in the town of Santa Ana, or at any of several area hotels and apart-hotels. The decision of where to stay will depend on several factors: what you're looking to get out of the experience, your budget, and how soon in advance you're able to make your travel arrangements, to name a few.

A host family stay can be a wonderful complement to your immersion experience. They offer a great opportunity to practice the language, and provide a window into Costa Rican culture. We take great care in selecting the host families. In addition, our Housing Coordinator interacts with our students every day to make sure they're comfortable and enjoying their experience.

Learn Spanish
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