Learning Spanish with Wagner

At Spanish School for Expats in Escazú, Spanish students of all ages will enjoy a truly rewarding, fun and exciting experience of learning Spanish.

Hello friends!

My name is Wagner Freer and I have worked at the school since the day we opened (August 2010) with our first student, Raymond Dunstan.

During this time I have fallen in love with what I do, because it has giving me the opportunity to learn about different cultures from around the world.

Definitely, teaching Spanish as a second language has changed life as I enjoy when my students get to understand, produce, think and speak the language, you all are "Pura Vida".

Some of the countries and their culture we have had the chance to learn from are: Switzerlamd, USA, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Canada, England, Taiwan, Poland, Gales, Australia...


Greetings to Everyone.

Wagner R. Freer Chan

What the Students say about our Spanish School?

Wagner es un excelente profesor!

My husband and I moved to Costa Rica with a only basic high school Spanish. We desperately wanted to learn the language as quickly as possible. In one lesson with Wagner, we learned more than I ever thought was possible. We were able to have basic conversations with local speakers within a week. We still have a lot to learn, but being able to speak some Spanish – and actually understand everyday conversations – after just a couple lessons was a true thrill!

Thank you, Wagner!

Program: Spanish Classes for Residents Students

End Program: June 2014

Erika Volk and Colin GillilandEEUU - Personal Trainer & Nutricionist

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"Let us teach you to love Spanish language as we do"

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