Get to know your gear

Got this brand new camera with dozens of promising buttons and you wonder what kind of magic they do? Or did you always want to improve your travel photos? Maybe you got already addicted to photography and want to bring your shots to the next level? Photo courses can help you getting a better understanding of your equipment and of how to capture out of the box photography. No matter which level of photographer you are, there is always something to learn! This is an ideal activity to start your personal Costa Rican adventure.

One or two day activity - Group size: 2-6 photographers

Shoot Raw!

and push your pictures to the next level! Learn how to develop your pictures in Adobe Lightroom CC and transform your unpolished jewels to shining photographic masterpieces.

This course is a great additional to your guided photography tour.

Group size 2-8 photographers

360° interactive panoramas:

Have you ever wondered how to make an interactive, full spherical panorama or even a complete virtual tour? Florian can teach you how to capture a whole atmosphere instead of just a small slice of an impressive environment. The course includes outdoor as well as indoor activities.

Full day activity - Group size: 2-8 photographers

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