Costa Rica's Nature Photography with Florian

Photographers, both amateur and professional, are frequent guests in Costa Rica. They come for the authentic and accessible nature experience, great proximity to wildlife, and comfortable lodging and amenities. No matter your specialty, you'll find photo opportunities that result in amazing images, immortalizing those surprise encounters and special moments.

Florian Kuster is a professional Swiss photographer who lives in Costa Rica. He focuses on high quality photography of human made artwork as well as nature’s beautiful forms and colors. For him, painting with light, or taking pictures, is all about fascination, aesthetics, emotions and passion.

His wide network along with his language skills and sympathetic personality make him a perfect host and guide in Costa Rica.

After years of traveling Latin and North America,working as Scuba Dive Master in the Caribbean, walking through Europe and laboring office hours in Switzerland, he decided to take his family to Costa Rica and turned his beloved and well cared passion into his profession.

His pictures have been published in many countries from the American Continent over to England, Australia and New Zealand. He won several awards including one from National Geographic.

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