Travel well and travel right

Delivering exceptional Costa Rica experiences is what we have always been about. That means caring for you throughout your stay with a spirit of service in concert with our commitment to preserving the “Magic of Nature.” Ours is family of dedicated staff that knows that our guests are the agency’s most precious resource.

Concept of Sustainable Tourism

The development of sustainable tourism must be seen as the balanced interaction between the use of our natural and cultural resources, the improvement of the quality of life among the local communities, and the economic success of the industry, which also contributes to national development. Sustainable tourism is not only a response to demand, but also an imperative condition to successfully compete now and in the future.

         What is 100% responsible Tourism?

  • It is the type of tourism that the country needs.
  • It is efficient operations that promote conservation and efficient use of resources.
  • It is tourism that is committed to the community and its needs, seeking dedication and solutions for the environment.
  • It is the certification of all tourism businesses that must be dedicated to carrying out conservation measures and handling risks to nature appropriately.

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