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Travelling enables us to discover spectacular places and experience other cultures - is there anything better? To make those places and cultures perceptible to following generations, environmental and social responsibility must be established when traveling. Sustainable travels start with the choice of the accommodation. Whether responsible resource management, renewable energy, waste management, local bio-food or social commitment, many hotels demonstrate fantastic sustainability solutions. In collaboration with Green Pearls® Unique Places, a portfolio of handpicked, sustainable and unique places worldwide, you will be taken away to magical places

Macaw Lodge

Resting among the hills and lush forests of Cerros de Turrubares in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica, Macaw Lodge is more than an eco-resort. It's a paradise where you can indulge your passions while discovering the genuine natural wonders of Costa Rica


The mission -a philosophy really- is more then just a statement. It's something we live and breathe, truly believe in and want to share with you. Macaw Lodge exists as an example that it's possible to live happily, purposefully and in harmony with nature. We hope to inspire you to pursue your passion, discover your potential and improve your little corner of the world.

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