Nicaragua is a safe, friendly and ´off the beaten track´ nature- and culture destination for travelers. Certainly if you prefer to truly discover and experience a new exiting destination, rather than following a well-worn path to one of the more popular tropical destinations, Nicaragua is the place to go. Nicaraguans are proud people: proud of their descent, their indigenous heritage, their poetry, their music and of course of their volcanoes, lakes and natural reserves. They tend to live with vitality and an ability to enjoy life in a manner that more prosperous societies sometimes seem to have forgotten. The charm, authenticity and hospitality of the people are probably some of the nation’s greatest attractions.

Nicaragua has numerous natural attractions, like a range of active and inactive volcanoes with impressive flora and fauna. Also, beautiful beach destinations are always nearby. But what really distinguishes Nicaragua from neighboring Costa Rica is the Spanish-colonial and indigenous heritage: the cultural factor. The exquisite Spanish-colonial cities of Granada and León are eye catchers for anyone interested in the Spanish conquistadores and their legacy. On several places remnants can be found of pre-colonial times, especially of Nahuatl tribes.



There are many Nicaragua attractions in the historical city of Granada. A Granada vacation is perfect for seeing colorful colonial style churches. There are several other historical buildings in Granada that all the way back to the 1600's. Granada also has an active nightlife season as well as fun events and festivals that occur all year round. The city has some of the best tourist attractions in Nicaragua such as marketplaces and museums.


No matter what time of year you take a vacation in Nicaragua, you'll probably encounter some great Nicaragua festivals to enjoy. Nicaraguan culture is steeped in history and religious tradition. Throughout Nicaragua, and especially in the cities of Leon and Managua, Nicaraguan holidays offer a perfect opportunity to enjoy a parade, learn more about the history of Nicaragua, and dance the night away.


Nicaragua has a history of volcanic activity. There are dozens of volcanoes worth exploring in Nicaragua, some active and some dormant. Visitors can hike up the sides of the volcanoes of Ometepe Island, located in Nicaragua, and view banana plantations and hundred of different types of animals. Once you get to the top of the volcanoes it's common to go right up to the rim.

El Chile

Telares El Chile cooperative began in the 1980’s to reintroduce traditional cotton dyeing and weaving to this indigenous community.  Now, a third generation of women teach weaving classes as well as producing wallets, purses and backpacks for sale. It’s a successful example of preserving a people’s historic culture and your participation sustains their efforts. Also, you will visit another workshop where the women use one of the world’s oldest weaving techniques.

Esteli Cigars

Many buildings in Estelí are covered with interesting and colorful murals which can be admired by taking a stroll through the uncrowded streets. The city also has a lot to offer historically; during the Cuban Revolution the area served as a refuge for Cuban cigar makers and the cigar making cultre is still present today. Vistors can visit a cigar factory or sample fine cigars in town.


Masaya and Pueblos Blancos

Famous for its artisans and traditional handicrafts. Peruse the stalls of the market where you will see various forms of traditional Nicaraguan artwork from pottery to leather goods and textiles. Take a break for lunch at the romantic village of Catarina and enjoy the spectacular viewpoint over the huge crater lake of Apoyo. Visit the village of San Juan de Oriente, famous for its ceramics, and learn the complex process involved in creating this traditional art form.

Flor de Caña

World wide known as one of the best rums available! We offer you the chance to visit the Rum Factory and learn about the rum-process.

The tour includes visits to the Rum Vault (Slow Aged), Rum Barrel Operational Area, Video Presentation, Introduction and Sample to Rum Tasting by the Rumelier and finally the Flor de Caña Museum / Bar & Gift-Shop.

Las Isletas

This peninsula and its 365 small islands where formed 20,000 years ago by a massive volcanic explosion. Today it’s a unique place where prominent Nicaraguans have their vacation houses and a local fishing community makes its living. Beautiful scenery with a lot of birdlife and astonishing views over volcanoes and Lake Nicaragua.



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